Academic Profile

Desarda Bhandari Professional Academy ,since its starting in 2006, has progressed by way of its Quality Education, Training and Coaching students for CA. By now more than 1500 students, including 134 National Rankers, who passed as CA professionals through, DBPA Institute feel proud of their association with us.

Institute's motto to impart education with wider horizon, to masses with affordable fees structures based on regional and economical considerations, has inspired us to cover other courses. We are imparting education for and CA courses as well. WE have plans to cover wider area with network. At present DBPA is serving 4000+ students at different levels for various courses. The Institute will do the best possible, to contribute for the development in education field.

Our Mission and Vision

  • To be acclaimed as a global leader in the field of professional education and create an institution that fosters a culture of high morale, quality and caring.
  • creating professionals of high calibre in an environment that promotes self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning and professional pursuits.
  • help every student of the Academy enlighten the spark within.
  • grant scholarships and financial assistance to needy and deserving students.

  • To provide quality education with utmost sincerity, committed to high ethical standards.
  • To explore knowledge in its depths and achieve excellence in all our endeavours.
  • To work with vigour, vitality, dedication and innovation with total satisfaction of students as the ultimate goal.
  • To encourage ideas, talent and honestly and relentlessly assist students in achieving their goals.